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Post Graduate Fund is a fund set up by a group of missionaries and other well wishers who have had an apportunity to live outside Europe and North America and have seen and appreciated the hardships young people from developing nations face in order to attain higher education be it in their own home countrties or abroad.

We will soon be accepting applications for grants for the period September 2017
While we do accept help meet financial needs of students who wish to pursue their Post Graduate Studies in Europe and North America, we more encourage students to consider pursuing their studies in their home countries or regions. The reason for this is that it is much cheaper to learn at home and as such, it leaves more funds for more students get an apportunity to be funded.
However, we do still can offer grants to top students that are either already admitted into university abroad or have been accepted into University abroad and can demonstrate that they can meet a portion of the fees themselves.
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Countries Eligible

Eligible Disciplines

The fund is intended for students from developing nations in Africa, Latin America and Parts of Asia.
Currentry, we are open to consider applications from South America, Southern and East Africa as well South Asia
Funding may be available in the following areas
  • Education Studies
  • Health Studies
  • Peace and Conflict Management Studies
  • Political Science
  • Agriculture
  • ​Commerce

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